In loving memory of my dear Ma Ma lily

 Yestarday I lost my dear pet .After almost 2 years of vet visits, medications, injections and testing. 

Inspite of everything that I had to do to keep her alive and well, she never

held a grudge or showed any fear. I will always remember her excited chirping

when I would come home and go into my bedroom to say hello. She had a male

companion to keep her company when I wasn't here but he was quickly abandoned

the minute I walked into her world. The bond between us was incredibly close and

I can't begin to describe the emptiness I feel without her. It's like part of me

is gone. I know she is flying high and free on the other side of the Rainbow

Bridge. There is no more pain, no more seizures. I know I will see her again

someday and I will cherish her memory until that day. She taught me a lot in the

short time that she was part of my life She brought us lots of joy and happiness .I can’t stop thinking about the moment she laid her first eggs in my living room. Darling you and your loving memory are always in my heart. . I can only hope to be worthy of what I


I love you and miss you too much , Ma Ma Lily jan

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